Honden- en kattentrimsalon Petra Klein

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Honden & Kattenverzorgingspraktijk Petra Klein
Julius Rontgenlaan 14, 2264 VV Leidschendam  
Telefoon: 070-3476299


Not every cat is able to take care of itself. We know that long-haired pets will start to matt without maintenance by the owner. But even in shorthairs the coat can become matted. This is especially the case with older cats, those with artrosis, bad teeth, overweight and cats with a medical background. Many cats with a difficult coat simply don't have the courage to start grooming themselves. Brushing them is more than making the coat shine. It stimulates the circulation, removes dead hair end prevents tangling. Moreover it provides the opportunity to check for smaller wounds, crusts, lumps, ticks, fleas, dandruff etc. Brushing also prevents the accumulation of hair balls in the stomach. Not every cat will permit the use of comb and brush at home. That sweet purring darling could turn into a raging puma at the sight of a brush. And you can hardly blame it if their only experience with this tool is a painful pulling on tangles.
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Before and after the treatment (hover over the photo)

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Professional grooming in these cases is not a luxury but a must. And we don't find it scandalous if you admit you don't succeed at home (any more). This Wellness Centre provides a grooming service to suit in quiet stressless surroundings. Under the supervision of our vet the cat will be sedated, and after the treatment this will be reversed by an antidote. Your cat will be sitting up after about 10 minutes. This way there will be little or no stress involved. The teeth will be routinely cleaned and nails clipped. When needed they take a bath. This provides the means to check - during blow-drying - for any tangling left and for remaining dead hair. The condition of the skin can be judged inch by inch that way. When finished, your cat will be placed in a small apartment on a pile of soft towels under a relaxing heating lamp.


Many old(er) cats start to prosper after this, and often start their own grooming again with regained courage. Long-haired animals will, as a rule, permit the owner to help them once the painful mats are removed. Cats that previously left hairs behind everywhere can now settle on your lap or on the couch. Sometimes we remove a wastepaper basket full of old hair! This Wellness Centre is exclusively for cats. For an appointment call 070-3476299 or check our facebook site.

For a complete grooming we charge a price of € 98,00